About us

Shibui South designer Anna Nickles grew up in the best of both textiles worlds. At home, she played among the bohemian fabrics of her hippie mother. Making forts from Indian sarongs and tapestries, cutting up daisy patterned sheets for doll clothes, and sleeping under handmade quilts from mismatched fabrics and thrift store suits. At her grandmother's house, she studied the meticulous stitching of embroidered tea towels, figured out the intricate series of loops that formed doilies and table runners, and slept under beautifully made classic Southern quilts. 

The differences in patterns and aesthetic were never the focus, it was the shared way that her mother and grandmother used fabric every day to define themselves and their spaces. 

As she grew up, Anna developed a style that incorporate both textile styles of her childhood, mixing the simple elements Southern fabrics with the patterns and rich colors of fabric from all over the world.

Southern with a Japanese influence. Japanese with Southern roots.